My name is Alexis Shaffer.  I like logic, efficiency, and order in certain areas of my life but not everywhere.  Because of this, I chose to go into engineering.  I felt comfortable in that field but I didn’t completely feel like myself.  I didn’t have a lot of other females to bond with or to learn the ropes.  One of my jobs was in manufacturing in which I had wear steel toed shoes.  The guys teased me after our trip to pick up our shoes on the “shoe mobile”.  When I got onto the truck, I asked the guy if he had “cute shoes”.  He said “it depends on your definition of cute”. I had my answer.  A big “NO!”

I had in my mind the guy coming out with a pair of pumps.  Steel Toe Pumps. The idea of a pair of steel toe pumps fits me.  I fix our ice maker but love to pair my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry with an outfit.  I have great ideas about to be more efficient and productive in the things that we don’t enjoy doing so that we can spend more time enjoying the parts that we really look forward to