Messy Chef

The Messy Chef

My husband has always called me the Messy Chef. Why?!?!?


  • I don’t chop veggies and remove the bits of waste as I go.  The cutting board or plate (whatever is handy) is messy and sometimes wet because I don’t shake out the excess water very well.  In fact, the whole counter top is wet
  • I don’t have things measured out into little bowls to add to recipe.  I measure the seasoning and spices out as I go or just eye ball it.
  • I clean up when I’m all done and not as I go
  • I tend to multitask and not just focus on the cooking- occasionally burning things and causing the smoke detector to go off and my children to find “smoke helmets”

However, I still get the title of chef because I am good at what I make.  I make nutritious, delicious food and still hold out that I will make enough someday that I can have a real chef cook for me but until my retirement from making meals, I will still hold the title of messy chef.

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