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Working from home with kids is a balancing act that sometimes involves allowing a kid to use an entire roll of tape in order to get something done.  I also like to be very efficient with my time. I’ll open my laptop in the kitchen while I’m waiting for the water to heat up, to throw in noodles.  I felt particularly ingenious yesterday when I decided that I was going to combine kiddie pool time with bath time. They hate to get a bath because it signifies the end of the day.  We take a bath, settle down for a little show on tv or some playing before dinner and then it’s off to bed. There is always moaning and groaning. Yelling that I got soap and water in their eyes when I repeated 5 times at increasing volume to look up.


So yesterday, I just decided to combine fun with not so fun.  We all had our bathing suits on and got in the kiddie pool. After splashing and spraying the water shooter over the roof of the garage, we got out the shampoo and conditioner, used the suds to wash the rest of their body. Voila!  Pool time became bath time.  I saved A LOT of time! They had fun! I had fun! The doorbell rang, I ran into the house as the UPS man was ringing the doorbell. I ran down the hall waving, bouncing along like Pamela Anderson (well that’s the picture I have in my head at least). The UPS man has a hilarious story  I’m sure of that that he can repeat to his friends at a summer picnic (you’re welcome.)  The UPS man himself is the epitome of efficiency. He beeps the horn like a friendly three beep beep beep, walks up to the door but I already heard the beeps, so I’m waiting, delivers the package or waves nicely and gets back into the truck. But his friendliness doesn’t end there. He beep beep beeps as he leaves. Except on my Pamela day, he saw me coming, quickly put the package down and didn’t wave or look back and there were no extra beeps.  He must have been in a hurry.  I’m sure my bathing suit running was not at all embarrassing to him.  Although today, he gave me an extra long wave ;).  So there you have it.  You never know when you can turn something fun into a way to make your life more efficient and entertain your friendly delivery person at the same time.

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