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  • Messy Chef

    The Messy Chef-Name that breakfast tune

    Mess but we can clean up later. Just throw everything into the dishwasher, spray down the counters, and voila!

    I love breakfast.  We enjoy our time as a family and sit down without distractions.  On non school days, we even play music and learn about various musical genres.  My husband and I used to play this game in the car where he would try to teach me about music and have me guess the artist.  I usually guessed Metallica or Smashing Pumpkins.  I don’t know why I was just terrible at it and had no idea about music.  So I would throw out something ridiculous to get him to just tell me who it was.  I think he is trying to teach our daughters to “name that tune” or artist better than I did.  Fun Fact: my dad was a radio DJ when I was very young at a local radio station so me not knowing about music was just embarrassing.  One of our favorite breakfasts is pancakes with Bacon.  I have; however, in the last few years really tried to reduce the amount of gluten, processed foods and refined sugar in our diets so I have found something that fits that bill and is filling.



    I put out the fruit first so that they can enjoy, no one is hangry, and again I’ll leave the kitchen for later. We want to have fun!!

    Cassava Flour pancakes from Paleohacks website –




    I usually double this recipe so that we can have leftovers for a quick school day breakfast one day during the week.

    1/4 cup almond milk- If out just use water

    3 eggs- I use pastured eggs

    1 tbsp Honey- I use raw honey

    1/2 tsp baking soda

    3/4 cup Cassava flour

    1/4 tsp salt

    1/4 coconut oil

    1. Whisk the eggs
    2. Add the melted coconut oil, almond milk or water, and honey.  Mix well
    3. Add the cassava flour, baking soda and salt.  Here is where we found mixing it with a hand mixer makes the batter more uniform and the pancakes fluffier.  Rather than just mixing by hand
    4. Scoop to desired size on a griddle or buttered skilled until golden brown and cooked through- we keep warm in the oven while cooking the batch.


    With that we serve a ton of fresh fruit that I put out for the kids ahead of time, chopped nuts and then maple syrup or almond butter spread on top.

    The adults have coffee because we also have a coffee shop business so we can’t enjoy ourselves in the morning without a deliciously brewed coffee.  Our youngest, Fiona, had a sip when we were out once and liked it.  Since she’s too young to have more than a sip, we’ll wait to someday enjoy fabulous coffee with her.

    Finally, we serve uncured bacon on the side which is baked in the oven.  A friend told me that she makes hers in a skillet and I was befuddled because in the oven, the pan catches the grease for easy cleanup and you save your stove and counters.  Because if I did it on the stove, the name Messy Chef would totally be earned.  Grease would be everywhere.  On the windows, one the walls  . . . . . I don’t know that we’ll ever play Lil Jon but maybe when their older who knows. 😉


    Most of the pantry items I buy from Thrive Market. They have great prices and for every membership that is purchased, they gift a membership to someone who needs it through their nonprofit partners.




  • Messy Chef

    The Messy Chef

    My husband has always called me the Messy Chef. Why?!?!?


    • I don’t chop veggies and remove the bits of waste as I go.  The cutting board or plate (whatever is handy) is messy and sometimes wet because I don’t shake out the excess water very well.  In fact, the whole counter top is wet
    • I don’t have things measured out into little bowls to add to recipe.  I measure the seasoning and spices out as I go or just eye ball it.
    • I clean up when I’m all done and not as I go
    • I tend to multitask and not just focus on the cooking- occasionally burning things and causing the smoke detector to go off and my children to find “smoke helmets”

    However, I still get the title of chef because I am good at what I make.  I make nutritious, delicious food and still hold out that I will make enough someday that I can have a real chef cook for me but until my retirement from making meals, I will still hold the title of messy chef.