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    Growing up I was good in math/science.  So the natural progression of being a child a of a liberal mom who started her career in the 70’s was to go into engineering.

    “Have your own career. Don’t  rely on a man for money.”

    “ You can do anything the boys can do.”

    I liked matchbox cars but I also loved cute dresses and purses.  Most of the people in my classes were guys.  there were a handful of girls in my college course.  I got a job in manufacturing with the macho men.  I was literally a little girl of 25 years with a bunch of guys.   I didn’t know how to possess femininity yet be assertive.  Women in my life were either nurturing or assertive and unapproachable.  They weren’t elegant but in charge.

    At this job, I had to wear steel toed shoes.  So I climbed onto the shoe mobile where I was to find a pair of Steel Toed Shoes to wear EVERYDAY  for my job in manufacturing no matter how uncomfortable or clunky.

    “Do you have any cute steel toed shoes?” I asked the man working.

    “It depends on your definition of cute” answered the middle aged overweight man with a plumbers crack to rival the San Andreas Fault.  I took this as a “NO”

    There were exactly 3 women’s shoe choices in a sea of men’s shoes.  This made sense because there were probably 10 women working among 500 plus men.  I get it and am a proponent of it’s what you do, how you perform and not “how you look”. But for me, for my comfort, for my confidence, for my sense of style, I would have liked a choice!  Maybe a steel toed pump!

    I had always want to prove that I could do whatever the boys did.  I was good at math and science so naturally I went into engineering.  Our mother’s burned their bras, had a career, and tried to break the glass ceiling so that we may have choices, opportunities, and the ability to change the man’s world.  So I had to succeed and be like one of the boys.  How could I enter this world with my feminine side intact but still be the assertive woman that I needed to be.  To have the confidence to go for whatever I wanted.   I wanted to create a place to discuss such issues and to help women to have the confidence to know that their goals and dreams are achievable and a place that women feel like they are part of the ‘ole girls club.  From this idea came the term Steel Toe Pumps.