Is 95% the new 100%

In college, I had a class in which once per week we had a group project to work on.  We did the research, wrote the report, and worked on our oral,  in class, presentation.  We worked and worked and worked.  One day as we were walking back toward our respective dorms, we were discussing the final touches on our project. As we walked down the street and this guy Adam- a close talker- for some reason I remember he was a close talker and would keep moving in to fill the space between us.  I hate when my space is invaded.  So I was focusing on his walking closer and closer and me practically banging into sidewalk signs.  I wasn’t paying any attention to what he said.  I was just thinking, “Am i almost home?”


Then suddenly he said “you know we have worked really hard.  So hard that I think that right now, we would get a 95% on our project”  In order to get a higher percentage, I think that we would need to work an additional 5 hours to get a 97% and if we wanted to get a 98% we would need to work another 15 hours.  The last little bit would require so much work that I don’t feel it is worth it when we have a solid project.  WE could be spending our time on other valuable things.


Ok space invader.  What say you?  I think you are onto something. So we don’t need to eek out every last ounce of work and effort for some project or job.  If we do that, we lose all of our energy and then have none to start another project or to be in a good mood even to enjoy the process of ending the current one.  I sometimes hold on tight to eek out that last good bit of work and keep perfecting and perfecting and then maybe that project just fizzles because it wasn’t quite right, but if I would’ve launched it at 95% it would have been magnificent and helped people and been exactly what was needed and now no one gets to enjoy it.  Or maybe I keep trying to eek out perfection and then I do that and by the time that it’s done I”m exhausted and having a miserable time.


Just remember, get to 95% does not mean that you didn’t give 100% to the project.  It just means that you know when the project needs to be published, executed whatever it is.  Because often times continuing to press forward, causes the thing to not even reach 1%.  It gets thrown in the trash or tabled because it is too darn exhausting to continue.  It feels so good to just let it out into the world. Go and figure out what you need to complete to 95% and just do it!

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